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Managed IT Services



  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Management

In today’s fast pace highly competitive environment it is more important then ever to quickly and efficiently obtain business intelligence for decision makers.  Work with our Data and BI experts to unite your separate data sources and develop a world class Business Intelligence solution using solutions such as Snowflake, Tableau, MS Power BI, Alteryx, and Azure/AWS

  • Knowledge Management

Let our KM experts help your organization with processing your created knowledge bases, store, and disseminate knowledge information to ensure increased efficiency and productivity.   We can provide document management solutions, content management systems, intranets, Wikis, and data warehouse solutions.  We can assist in helping you select, design, implement and manage a solution that is right for you!

  • Data Governance, Planning and Strategy

Our in house Subject Matter Experts have years of audit experience with the Big 4 and understand the importance of building and managing methodologies and solutions that ensure your business, technical, and compliance objectives are met.


  • Data Center Management

We provide the full array of Data Center Management functions from management of server and computer operations, application management, data center operations, property and facility management, IT services, and physical security. Our solutions and services are geared toward increasing performance and lowering operating expenses.



  • Network Design and Management

Our team of network professionals have designed, implemented and managed mission critical networks for our Nation. We have an experienced group of network consultants, system engineers, administrators, programmers and technicians that work with our clients to design networks that support your organizations vision, long term business and technology environment. We also can provide network cabling, voice cabling, and coax cabling services. Let us be your one stop shop for all your network design and management needs.


  • Intelligent Endpoint Protection

Our Intelligent Host Protection services (OSOM-IHP) is one of the most advanced and comprehensive offerings for protecting IT Infrastructures. Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and behavior analysis, we monitor hardware in real-time for threats and improper system behavior.


  • Next Generation Firewall and Perimeter Protection

We utilize AI and ML to gather threat intelligence from global sources that are utilized to keep out security threats.  Our solutions control what comes in and out of your network at the lowest granular layer, filtering content, viruses, malware, ransomware and other threats protecting your organizations infrastructure at the perimeter. 


  • Other Network Managed Services include:

    • Email and File Server Management

    • Server and Device Management

    • Software Maintenance

    • Disaster Recovery Planning and Services

    • IT/Help Desk/IT Support

    • Network Storage Design and Management

    • Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other Remote Network Access Services

    • Virtualization Services

    • Managed Multi Factor Authentication

    • PC Provisioning


Communications and Mobile

In response to today’s increasing demand for mobile devices within company operations we offer the following managed and support services:

  • Telepresence and Video Services

  • VoIP

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Strategy and Support

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Web Development and Marketing Strategy and Support

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