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Cybersecurity Services


Cybersecurity threats and attacks are constantly emerging and evolving across all industries and business sizes. The impact to businesses is being felt through ransomware payouts, lost and/or exposed sensitive date, down time in addition to loss of user, consumer and partner trust. Protecting, detecting and remediating these threats is also an additional burden of cost and resources on any organization. One that is not often not proven effective until an attack happens.


Innovation Oranges’ Cybersecurity services brings its clients the capability to test their cybersecurity protections before an attack happens. With our Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Simulation and Exercises the Innovation Orange team emulates attacks across IT environments to uncover security and incident response gaps that an attacker would take advantage of, before they do. Our team of experts work collaboratively to identify and assist with remediation of identified gaps to maximize our client's investment and overall cybersecurity posture.

Computer Security
  • Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Security Threat Exercises and Simulation

  • Application/System/IOT Security Testing


Cybersecurity Detection & Response Solutions

Cyber attacks, specifically ransomware attacks are increasing at an alarming rate. These attacks are being executed against any organization or business, regardless of the size or industry. Ransomware has become so profitable for attackers that they are indiscriminately targeting any organization or business with an internet presence and vulnerability. Smaller, or businesses with less mature IT security have become primary targets, instead of afterthoughts. As recovery and/or ransomware payoffs costs also continue to increase, the results of an attack have become devastating. This has proven to be especially impactful to organizations that do not have in-house, or service provided security and incident response capability.

Innovation Oranges’ Cybersecurity Detection & Response Solutions provides its clients with Security Operations Center

(SOC), continuous monitoring, threat hunting, and incident response capabilities through on-call, augmentation or

“sized to fit” comprehensive support solutions. For clients that want to build their own in-house capabilities the

Innovation Orange security consultants will develop a roadmap and guide them through the process to meet their

objectives effectively and efficiently.

  • Security Operations Center Development and Operations Management

  • Threat Hunting and Analysis

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Intrusion Detection

  • IT Security Incident Response

  • Continuous Security Monitoring

Cybersecurity Audit & Risk Services

Security compliance and audits are often an industry or legal requirement and are recognized best practices and foundation to a comprehensive security program for any organization. As more federal and state cybersecurity regulations are adopted compliance will be mandated for all organizations and businesses, regardless of industry or size. Currently on average large enterprises are required to maintain regulatory compliance with up to 13 cybersecurity frameworks, which often require external audits. This can put a huge strain and burden on any size organization and especially small businesses.

Innovation Oranges’ Cybersecurity Audit & Risk Services brings its clients the experience and resources needed to develop, comply or provide an external audit its security program and framework(s). Whether our clients have not implemented a security framework or are preparing for an audit, the Innovation Orange security consultants can provide the required evaluations, assessments and project management support to any size organization.

  • System Assessments and Authorization

  • Security Architecture Reviews

  • Information Assurance of Critical Infrastructure

  • Risk Management Framework Support

  • Continuous Monitoring and Mitigation

  • Identify and Access Management

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